"I have been attending Sondra's classes for almost a year now and absolutely love them! They are challenging in every way and push me to become a better person physically and mentally. My favorite part about Sondra is that she genuinely cares about each and every present hat attends her classes. She takes the time to get to know each person, their limitations, and their goals. I highly recommend to everyone to join in on the fun!"


"I needed a change in my workouts after years of running. I started attending Sondra's classes and never looked back; she makes 'fighting to get fit' fun and focused on getting results. There is variety in the types of classes she teaches, and she varies the workouts according to each person's needs. It's like having a personal trainer and getting to work out with friends all in one experience. Sondra is focused on people and helping them be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves."


"I started training with Sondra about 15 months ago and walked in with the attitude of hating the gym, not knowing where to start or even if my goals were attainable. Within the first month of training, my whole attitude turned around and my view on workout out and dreading the gym changed completely. One of the great benefits of Sondra's classes for me was that I had a leader to show me the way and to really think for me when it came to mapping out each session. Sondra works with you and not only helps you work towards achieving your goals, but continues to adapt classes as you progress. The training is so dynamic as well as interesting. I feel like I am always doing a circuit or routine that I've never done before and it takes the tediousness out of your workout. The results have been incredible - both physically and mentally. Sondra has pushed me to be a healthier me in more ways than one. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone!"


"I've been working out with Sondra for the last year and a half. Having two young children and a full time career, it's hard to find the time, energy, and motivation to stay in shape. Initially what drew me to her was the wide range of classes and the ability to work out with my friends...I figured I'd have some fun and maybe sweat a little. What has kept me going is how great I feel! I'm a better mom, wife and me because of her! Sondra is a great motivator and an exceptional coach! She pushes you to limits you didn't know existed. She will change your life. Giver her a try one day...you'll come back!"


"Sondra Vogel has a passion for all kinds of fitness and workouts. She makes me want to move. I have been taking Sondra's classes for almost two years which consist of cardio, dance and strength training. I can see a complete transformation in my body. She mixes up the classes every time so you never get bored with a routine. I absolutely recommend Fight 2 Get Fit to anyone of any age or fitness level. Sondra gives her time, knowledge and energy to everyone."



"I went to one of Sondra's Boot Camp Classes 10 months ago and had the best workout! Since that class I have been hooked! Sondra has an amazing energy and pulls out the best in everyone while also allowing everyone to go at their own pace. Every class is different so you never know what to expect but you know you're going to be sweating! Sondra has helped me get back in shape and has kept me motivated! I feel 100% better about myself and my body after working out with her and the amazing group of people that attend every week!"

"I have been working out with Sondra for a year now. When I started I had moved up 2 pant sizes over the last couple of years and was approaching 50. I had not worked out seriously in over 10 years. I knew I needed to start making some changes. I began attending her Cardio KickBoxing and Toning classes. I slowly began to see some changes and began to feel more energetic. It was not until I participated in one of her 10 week challenges that I really began to make progress. Watching what, when and how much I ate was the final piece I needed to really begin to see the results I wanted. Sondra also encouraged me to push myself and join her Boot Camp class. With these two things added I could now fit back into my smaller size pants and began to see muscle definition. I was receiving compliments from others in Sondra's classes, family and friends about how good I looked. Sondra takes time to work with you on correct form and provides modified exercises for any injuries you might have. I like the way her classes challenge and push me!"


"With a busy home and work life, finding a convenient option with the benefits of personal-training-like-attention AND a social atmosphere seemed impossible to find. But Sondra Vogel's Fight 2 Get Fit program has been that and more! Sondra's attention to my individual fitness goals, coupled with the friendly and supportive environment, have been just what I needed to get back into a fitness routine. Thank you, Sondra!"


"Sondra's classes have been a game changer for my health & fitness the last couple of years. I have become more fit physically and stronger mentally. Her dedication to my success on my fitness goals, pushes me at all her classes and keeps me accountable. She has changed my whole mindset of strength training which I actually love doing and look forward to over my previous routine of daily running. No matter the number of people at her classes, you get a personal trainer that I so appreciate and I am grateful for. I have had amazing support from other clients in her classes as well, who have become great friends and the guaranteed laughs are a bonus!"


"I love Sondra's classes because of how she pushes me to do things that I would not normally do myself in workouts. All I have to do is show up and I know I'll get a great workout!"


"I have attended Sondra's WERQ, Toning and Boot Camp classes for about 4 years now. It has been one of the best experiences of my life. I never enjoyed exercising before, but Sondra has a way of making it fun, while at the same time getting results. She challenges me to work harder and do things that I never thought I could do. I have increased my strength & stamina. Being in her class is like having your own personal trainer. She truly cares about each person and works with you at whatever your fitness level is. Always encouraging, but keeping in mind what you are capable of doing at that time. As a 'senior' member of her classes, I have found that the younger women are so helpful and encouraging, as well. I never thought I would say this about an exercise class, but I truly look forward to going to class."


"As a former runner looking to change things up, I went to a Sondra Vogel class. Not only have I been challenged but I have enjoyed myself! Mentally and physically I have grown! If you want a challenging and fun workout get going with Sondra!"


"I have been going to Sondra for almost a year now and she is awesome. She helped me to lose 25 lbs and several inches. She really cares about her students. Her classes are fun and she pushes you to work hard. That is what makes her the best!"


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